Value creation based on information supply

Specific information in the right quantities is indispensable for good management. It is not merely a matter of presenting a summary of the data that have been collected. Clarity, accuracy, speed and reliability are also essential. Without these qualities the data can’t be called information. However, the goal has only been met if the information is actually used.


Since information is a tool to improve the company’s results, the Corridors approach in this area focuses on management. This means paying attention to the way technology can support and / or accelerate the supply of information for management and workflow. The illustration below summarizes Corridors’ views on the cohesion of components that influence a company’s success.

  • Due to the ease with which a large quantity of data can be collected, focus on the issues that really matter is often lacking.
  • A problem that occurs all too frequently is that the discussion is mainly about the correctness of the numbers. 
  • Shape the information request according to the way management prefers to work. Definitions should be agreed on and correct periodic closures provided.
  • Encouragement of a constructive exchange of ideas during interpretation of the information facilitates the discovery of useful points of improvement.
  • A focus on results and proper execution of the points of improvement will lead to a process of ongoing strengthening.