Execution plan for value creation

The Corridors Connecting Plans Method© was developed for companies that face a significant change in circumstances. Examples of the latter are significant growth strategies, a change in the composition of financing, a start up or a change in laws and regulations. 
The way the company plans to deal with such situations should be judged against its strategy in order to determine whether there is actually a potential for value creation.

The business plan contains a pragmatic plan of activities. This entails a description of how the new activities evolve from project to day-to-day business. During the creation of the business plan good suggestions are systematically logged, which is facilitated by our user-friendly tool. 


 At the start of the project it is important that ideas are freely generated and evaluated. Subsequently decisions are taken. At this stage the emphasis is on decisively turning plans into actions. There will be differences depending on the type of company; pioneering or highly structured. It is important to make sure that the team has the right profiles, taking into account conditions that the company has formulated itself. 

  •  Finding the right balance between maintaining support for the project and progressing at the desired speed requires appropriate guidance. The plan may be put at risk by attitudes like ‘this has been proposed, but it is not going to work’ or ‘ too theoretical’.
  • Honoring commitments (at individual and organizational level) often proves to be problematic.
  • A lot of these obstacles can be dealt with by one or more open discussions (these could be facilitated by questionnaires).
  • It is important to uncover the source of negative comments in a transparent way and to tackle the underlying problems at the root. 


Commitment, perseverance and adjustment of both the plan and the team, based on measuring and evaluations, are essential. 

  •  The wish to maintain a balance between the time necessary for the desired growth spurt and the company’s other priorities poses an inherent risk of blind spots. Since perseverance has been defined as an important success factor this may create conflicts.
  • In addition, collective and individual interests tend to be intermingled. 
  •  Formulate clear and measurable objectives and encourage a critical but constructive attitude. This keeps decision makers alert and helps to avoid blind spots.
  • Identifying the various interests creates an environment, which is conducive toward mature solutions.
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Identify the skills necessary to realize the growth spurt and summarize them in a pragmatic plan. This should be evaluated regularly and adjusted where needed.

  • Finding the right balance between maintaining support for the project and progressing at the desired speed requires appropriate guidance. The plan may be put at risk by attitudes like ‘this has been proposed, but it is not going to work’ or ‘ too theoretical’.
  • Planning and executing actions, as well as evaluation and adjustment are well known concepts. Functioning well depends on organizational culture, the team, individuals and leadership.
  • Proper assessment before deciding to start the project is vital. Integrating the project in the organization and taking corrective action where appropriate are essential parts of good management.
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Decision-making and uncertainty
Decision-making is up to the company’s management of course. However, based on our knowledge and experience we can contribute the necessary elements. This is merely to facilitate the process.

A transparent environment contributes greatly to a solid decision-making process. The highly pragmatic Corridors Connecting Plans Method© is particularly suitable to support proper sharing of information.

The company is the focal point.

Potential difficult to estimate
Companies operate in a dynamic environment and decision-making is not an exact science, just like in other strategic matters. A careful process that measures progress is the maximum achievable.

Solution : Keep the project highly adaptable and plan for milestones at which an evaluation will take place, to facilitate an adjustment if necessary.

Company size
Companies from a small country like the Netherlands are often smaller than foreign players. In many cases this leads to tensions in relations, for example between a parent company and its foreign subsidiaries. 

This factor should be taken into account, particularly if success is likely to be highly dependent on the bigger party.

Explanation of the solution
Corridors Connecting Plans Method©

Value Creation
Looking for financing? Make optimal use of the momentum by strengthening the company’s team and giving it access to financing based on a sound plan with strong execution power.

Corridors Connecting Plans Method© focuses on the company’s management team. A network of independent professionals can supplement the team if the company so desires. A company may also source additional human resources from its own network if these professionals meet the necessary criteria and feel comfortable with the methodology.

The activity plan
The activity plan is an essential part of the Corridors Connecting Plans Method©. It establishes commitments that should lead to concrete actions. This is a good way to ensure that everybody is on the same page. Moreover, it provides a basis for evaluation and, if necessary, adjustment. Everything is oriented toward optimizing the chance of success through proper preparation.

The financing
To the extent that additional financing is necessary, our method is designed to find the right form. This should be tailor-made, since the main focus is on the company and the financing is a means to support it in its endeavors to maximize value creation.

Even if there is no immediate need for additional liquidity, financing is an integral part of the plan. This way the company is well prepared should financing suddenly become an issue, for example in the case of a strategic partnership.

Advising and liaising
Many companies experience failure despite serious potential. A good adviser that is able to turn that potential into concrete action reduces the risk that your company falls into this trap. The adviser is critical but constructive, has a helicopter view and specialist project management skills. Our advisers are selected on the basis of these requirements. To benefit from our support, the company needs to be prepared to embark on the road to self-reliance.