Senior international marketing and business development specialist

Experienced professional in international marketing strategy, export trade channels, site selection and business development for companies especially in France, Germany and BENELUX countries.

The expertise includes also advisory services for governmental economic development agencies on strategic economic regional development, cross border project management, investment promotion and leads generation campaigns (foreign direct investment).

Extensive experience in various business sectors with a special focus on automotive industry, subcontractors and electro-mobility, energy and sustainable development, agro-industry, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Bilingual French – German, fluent in English and Dutch, graduated from EM Strasbourg Business School – International marketing and business development with a work and living experience of many years in France, The Netherlands and Germany.

Acquired excellent intercultural skills and a high adaptability, which is the basis of good international business.

Marketing and business development

Role Danièle Behr: Consultancy and implementation partner

  • Product launchings in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany and BENELUX countries for Sanofi – Aventis.
  • Markets surveys, product testing, identification of trade channels and partners, site selection for numerous small and medium sized companies all over Europe for CIC banking group.
Investment industry

Role Danièle Behr: Project manager and researcher

  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) campaigns, local integration of foreign companies, site promotion and advisory services including financial support to investors and exporters for several regions in France, Germany and The Netherlands.
  • Founder and chief executive of companies specialized in relocation services to international investors, in French-German cooperation and expertise in corporate strategy and general manager of economic development companies.
  • Leads generation campaigns (foreign direct investors) in The Netherlands and Germany within the agro and medical industries.
  • Launching of a new French electric mobility concept on the German market.
  • Site selection in the recycling sector in France.