Finance, pays special attention to individuals, teams and their behavior.
Receptive for the impact of ICT-developments, which are designed to serve.
Intercultural empathy to construct a trust relation.
Knows the added value of diversity. Dedicated to value creation and internationally mobile.
The growth of a company is very much related to the question of having a good team and a proper plan. Realization takes place by involving value creating elements like (a network of flexible) knowledge and competences, dedicated financers (investors, banks and others) en possible partners in the stage of planning and execution of the project. There are various ways to achieve this. Focus on autonomous growth, acquisitions, strategic alliances, distributors, national or international, ….
The Corridors services helps business development initiatives (also ICT-related) when there is need for a pragmatic plan or capabilities to execute the plan. For more explanation see under documents and means for some of the available instruments.